14th May 2021


You may be aware that the Government have released some updated advice to schools for implementation from Monday, 17 May as we take Step three on the roadmap out of lockdown. One of the changes refers to face coverings. The guidance states that ‘based on the current state of the pandemic and the positive progress being made, it is no longer necessary to recommend the additional precautionary face covering measures put in place from 8 March’. This means that ‘face coverings will no longer be recommended for pupils in classrooms or communal areas in all schools’. Staff and visitors are recommended to continue to wear face coverings ‘in situations outside of classrooms where social distancing is not possible (for example, when moving around in corridors and communal areas).’ We however add to this, that should students wish to carry on wearing their face coverings then they are welcome to do so. It is important to note that any student travelling on a bus, whether that be a public bus or a dedicated school transport bus, face coverings must still be worn. Therefore, please ensure that all students who travel on a bus to or from school continue to have a face covering with them. Additionally, face coverings for students may be advised for a temporary period in response to particular localised outbreaks, including variants of concern.

The Asymptomatic LFD testing is continuing, so if your child is doing this, then please ensure that this carries on and results are reported to both the Government and the school. Anyone with a positive test result will need to self-isolate in line with the stay at home guidance and book a further PCR test to confirm the result.

Step four on the roadmap is due to be reviewed by the Government for 21 June (this date is subject to change), so we will be reviewing any guidance released at that time and acting accordingly. However, I would like to make you aware that the bubble arrangements that we have in place for the students, both for lessons and for staggered break and lunchtimes will be remaining in place until the end of the academic year, even if the Government say that these arrangements can be relaxed.

With regard to any upcoming events in school, risk assessments will be completed in the planning stage to ensure that they are run in line with our systems of controls and align with the advice contained within Government guidance.

We have set up a Summer 2021 Exams page within the website for where you can access our policy on TAGS (teacher assessed grades), guidance on how teacher assessed grades are being produced for each subject and links to the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications). This is for Year 11 and Year 13 students.

Year 11 have 10 more school days remaining, the next 50 school hours are really important, please encourage your child to maintain their focus and momentum up until the final day.

I hope you have a good weekend, 

Mr Parr-Burman

Executive Headteacher and Head of Medina College