11th December 2020

Dear parents and carers,

For our final week of term, we are continuing to keep things as normal as possible. Because so much learning time has been missed it does not feel right to run a whole array of Christmas activities taking students away from lessons. So, we will have normal lessons right up to, and including, the final day of term. There is information in the newsletter about dress code for the final day and I am hopeful all students can get in the spirit (I will).

Year 11 students will be sitting their mock examinations during the week beginning 11th January, it is SO important this year more than ANY other that students work hard for these and do their very best. Whilst the Government is currently saying that final GCSE examinations will go ahead in the summer, I think we have all seen how quickly things can change. Getting a good result in the mock examinations will provide strong evidence to teachers who will then be in a position to create accurate predictions IF THEY HAVE TO. So my strong advice to Year 11 is to take the examinations seriously and do your very best. In particular there is a line that some students trot out each year and it goes something like “I am not going to revise because I want to see how much I need to do” Frankly this is not something that is logical as by revising once it becomes easier to revise the second time and so revision for mocks makes getting good summer grades even easier. Please revise!

It is also time to think about the next step for Year 11. Our VI Form provision, The Island VI Form, has a wide variety of subject related videos and resources available on the website to help inform decisions about the next academic year. We have the only dedicated VI Form site on the Island, which provides an ideal bridge between school and higher education or employment and gives students more freedom and responsibility. Please do have a look at the subjects on offer, complete the application form and if you have any questions contact us on 522886 or email viform@iwef.org.uk. Website: https://www.iwef.org.uk/theislandviform/

I am very pleased to say that the heating system issue at Medina has now been resolved. There is an underlying issue but we have a full plan to fix this in due course. The buildings are now toasty-warm (with windows open for good ventilation) so students no longer need to wear coats inside. Thanks for your support with this.

Our final day of term is Friday 18th December, and we return for students on Tuesday 5th January.

Many thanks

Matthew Parr-Burman

Executive Headteacher and Head of Medina College