1 April 2022

Welcome to the penultimate blog post of this half term.

I would like to start by congratulating and thanking the cast who performed, and the crew and staff who supported the production of Treasure Island yesterday evening. The delivery of the roles by the cast was funny, engaging and I was proud to watch them enjoy themselves and entertain the audience so much. I look forward to the next production! Please look out for a full report, with some photos of this event next week.

Thank you also to our Year 9 parents/carers who attended the virtual Year 9 Parents’ Evening, we hope that you found this useful. The KS4 Pathways forms have been sent home with your child this week, following analysis of the straw poll that we did a couple of weeks ago. The straw poll gave us an early indication of which subjects and combinations of subjects would be popular. This feedback then enabled us to produce the Pathways form with the final lists of the subjects available in each of the four timetable blocks. Before you complete the form with your child, please consider all of the information that has been available. A link to the information on the website is here. If you need further conversations, please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance.

We are another week closer to the Year 11 exams starting, I will be adding a tip every week from now on about exams, both the preparation for and the sitting of them. The first tip is regarding mobile devices. We remind students several times on the way into the exam hall, and before, that no mobile phones or watches may be worn or carried on their person during the exam. These must be turned off and left in their bags. If a student is found in possession of one of these items, it will need to be reported to the exam board as malpractice. Depending on the individual circumstance, this could result in them receiving zero marks for that particular paper, potentially the subject, or even all subjects that season. This is a very basic expectation but unfortunately each season we do need to report an instance of this. The students have all worked extremely hard in some challenging circumstances, please make sure that they do not risk any of this by not complying with this rule.

Thank you for your ongoing support in general, it is very much appreciated.

Have a good weekend.