1st September 2020

To students and parents of Medina College

I would like to welcome you (back) to Medina! Clearly this has been a strange time and continues to be so. The staff are really looking forward to welcoming back all our students and saying hello to all our new students too. I have written a detailed letter which parents should have already received – going through the detail of where students need to be at the start of school. Our new way of working brings a new vocabulary too. Bubbles, social distancing and Covid-19 were not really known about only a few months ago.

One thing that has changed for September is we have a temporary Reception in place. Telephones and email still work the same way. However, if a visitor arrives, our temporary Reception is accessed via the car park but to the right and up the slope. We have moved it into what was The Wave building for the Autumn Term whilst we put in place some re-moddling of the Reception area.

I am new to the Head of School role at Medina and am looking forward to this challenge. I do anticipate making some changes in due course. Things that will stay the same though are uniform (I know changes in this area worry people) and the times of the school day. But I will be looking at how the school works and seeing if we can continue to improve it.

I am very much looking forward to the new term!#

Mr Parr-Burman