A great start to the year!

We are absolutely delighted with the way students have started this academic year so positively. After a long period of home learning, the summer holidays and returning to a host of new ways of working around the COVID-19 guidelines, we were expecting students to be a little apprehensive. However, the vast majority have embraced the ‘new normal’ and have returned with a positive attitude. 

We are especially proud of our new year 7 students who did not receive the usual transition process. They were not able to visit the school or meet their new peers ahead of the start of the school year, but they have not let this get in their way! They got stuck straight into lessons, have found their way around the school and have made lots of new friends. Mrs Tuck was so excited to hand out the first set of awards in assembly this week and the students were thrilled to receive them. We look forward to giving out lots more awards throughout this year! 

Well done everyone on such a positive start despite the challenging circumstances we are currently living in.