Physical Education

Federation Faculty Lead – Paul Clarkson


PE at The Isle of Wight Education Federation – Opportunities for all in Sport and Physical Activity.

In PE we want every child to experience the widest possible range of sports and physical activities, so that they can find an activity that they enjoy and that they will take into their lives. Our schemes of work are designed, to give students the knowledge and understanding of the rules/principles of sport, the benefits of partaking in physical activities and the skills/tactics of different sports/activities.

We also aim to teach our students the life skills they need, in order to be successful both in and outside of school. Teamwork, leadership, communication, problem solving and resilience are all key features in our curriculum.

Students have access to inter-form sporting events, leading onto representative sport between the federation sites and other island schools.

We offer an extensive choice of extracurricular clubs and teams, aimed at not only the competitive students but also those looking for recreation and fitness options.

Students also have the opportunity to take a sport based exam option, paving the way for future study, post 16 and as preparation for a wide range of jobs within the Sport and Active Leisure industry and other areas.


All students in Key Stage 3 get two lessons a week, with one being games orientated and the other focusing on individual activities.

At Key Stage 4, students receive three lessons across the two week timetable and the focus is more on participation and understanding both the physical and mental benefits of physical activity, especially at a time of increased pressure with exams. 

We look to create students who are capable of working together as well as feeling comfortable completing tasks independently.

Students have access to extracurricular activities both at lunch times and after school.

On our exam courses, students learn the theory behind topics such as anatomy and physiology, social and historical issues in sport, health and fitness, training, leadership and evaluation of performance. All courses have a degree of both practical and theoretical delivery and assessment.

Curriculum Map

Please click on the link below for the current curriculum map. 

MC PE Curriculum Map 2020 – 2021