History at the Isle of Wight Education Federation has a selection of topics that cover British and World History. Enquiry led questions for lessons help us to create mystery around the curriculum and encourage curiosity. Learning is led by primary sources that allow students to investigate the History for themselves and confirm theories that they may have had from the starter. The teacher is there to guide students to make conclusions and address misconceptions and not to present knowledge. The student is responsible for gaining the knowledge and turning that into their own hypothesis about the topic being studied. In addition, trips are currently being planned that revolve around parts of the curriculum such as Battlefields for our study of The First World War in Year 8.


The History Department at the Isle of Wight Education Federation prepares students to take an active part in the world beyond school by developing their all-round communication skills. From the beginning of the lesson there will be a driven focus towards a skill with the enquiry question at the beginning. If evaluating interpretations is the focus of the lesson, then this will begin with a starter focusing on a view point that students will have to try examining on both its content and provenance. As the lesson goes on they will be introduced to more interpretations and context as to who wrote them. This eventually will culminate with them making an comment on the convincingness of each interpretation. The judgement and evaluation element will be present in almost all lessons as even though it is not the focus, they will be using the enquiry led question to always be making a judgement at the end. Reading is promoted, with most written pieces, students are examining for criteria such as Who/What/When/Where/Why to understand the event or interpretation they are looking at.

Curriculum Map

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History Curriculum Map – 2020-21

History KS3 Overview – 2020-21