Health and Social Care


Health and Social Care is a vital part of society. This could be from care for the disabled right through to care for the elderly. It is important that we take time to understand others that are around us and what their differing needs might be.

This is a core life skill and, like all the other subjects within the faculty, builds well-rounded and balanced members of society. This is the core focus of the faculty and this is seen throughout this course at key stage 4 and 5.


Students develop their understanding and are openly encouraged to discuss and debate core beliefs about health and social care. Case studies build a large part of the course where students learn to look at the laws and standards, therefore being able to identify if people are being treated appropriately.

Students will be able to look at specific places in our local community and offer suitable changes to make the place more accessible to all. The range of teachers delivering this course also help to develop a wider overview due to their own experiences.

Outcomes at key stage 4 are strong, with the ability to continue the study into key stage 5 which is over subscribed with superb outcomes.