At Key Stage 4, students are able to continue their learning journey in the Arts by studying Graphic Design.  Graphics is the profession of visual communication that combines images, words and ideas to convey information to an audience.  It involves designing print or electronic forms of visual information for advertisement, publication or a website.  Lessons are focused on promoting a creative and imaginative approach to given briefs, studying the fundamentals of Graphic Design and also its application in the modern world. 

Students will explore the works of historical and contemporary graphic designers and acquire and develop their own skills in their chosen areas of Graphic Communication.  They will create work that conveys information, ideas and emotions through the use of colour, icons, images, typography and photographs.


The Arts and Graphics curricula have been devised to ensure that the creative integrity of the students is upheld and showcased within the exam board frameworks.  Our aims are that students are given a wealth of skills within their lessons and in a wider extra-curricular context to allow them to effectively communicate their intentions.  It is also essential that students have ample opportunities to develop analytical and soft skills within their artistic education and have in addition to the academic components of the course a creative outlet to find their voice and use constructive criticism to support progress.