Fashion and Textiles


The clothes we put on everyday have been designed and are part of a fashion movement, whether this be in the present day or a fashion movement from the past. Fashion allows people to outwardly express themselves and show their creative side. As a faculty we embrace the differences and believe that Fashion allows students to show their likes and dislikes. It allows students to look at and be inspired by design movements and designers.

Fashion is a well-loved, successful subjects throughout key stage 3, 4 and 5. Each project building on the skills gained from the one before. Developing skills in creative design along with a vast range of techniques.


Throughout key stage 3 we look at a range of designers and their iconic styles. Students then design their own iconic styles using the designers for inspiration. Students are taught machine and hand sewing skills, along with a range of techniques. In key stage 3, the main focus will be looking at printing processes and perfecting these.

At key stage 4 the outcomes continue to be fantastic, the exam board sets a range of contexts which the students create their own outcomes which meet the briefs. Students learn skills such as 3D paper modelling, weaving, screen printing and machine embroidery.

With a team of specialist Fashion Teachers that have worked in industry prior to teaching, allows the course to be taught in great depth and this is shown in the success of the GCSE and A Level outcomes.