Federation Faculty Lead – Rich Wiseman


The Drama curriculum is designed to inspire and engage all learners in exploring Theatre and the Dramatic Arts.    Students will develop skills in the key areas of drama; rehearsal skills, performance skills, and evaluative skills.    They will explore a range of theatre styles, themes and stimuli whilst learning to collaborate, think analytically, and evaluate effectively.

Students who follow a drama pathway beyond Key stage 3 are given many opportunities to participate practically in devising and exploring dramatic texts to develop their own knowledge and understanding of character development and interpretation.  The toolkit of skills acquired through the study of drama are transferrable to further studies and the workplace; Drama builds not only confidence and a proficiency for public speaking in students, but also the ability to devise and pursue ideas, reflect, refine and evaluate their own work.


Throughout the key stages, students are encouraged to take ownership over the rehearsal process, from the earliest exploration of ideas, through to devising and refining practical work.  Whilst some lessons are led by the teacher, there is an emphasis on independent study and collaborative learning. 


Learning takes place in dedicated Theatre spaces; students have access to a variety of different venues from a more traditional proscenium arch stage, through to the experimental black box theatre, and the professional venue Medina Theatre. Students of all age groups, whether they are undertaking drama as an exam subject or not, are actively encouraged to get involved in the extracurricular Drama programme with its variety of different projects and productions.