Design Technology


Here at the IWEF Technology is a hub of excitement allowing students to ignite their creativity in a safe space. We believe that every child has a creative mind and could be the next James Dyson or Vivienne Westwood with the right encouragement.

Our schemes of work from Key Stage 3 allow the students to have a broad, colourful and exciting range of experiences. These range from learning the basic hand wood working skills right through to developing their designs to be able to access and use the computer aided design and manufacturing equipment we are so lucky to have. Students will learn about iterative design, the importance of the age old saying ‘measure twice and cut once’ as well as using a whole variety of materials to realise their visions. Students will cover the materials; wood, plastics, metals, paper, boards and fabrics.

During Key Stage 4 we are lucky to continue to offer the breadth of specialist areas and this sees Design Technology GCSE come into its own. The GCSE offers a huge range of materials to work with and this can be using electronics or even using a range of materials. The briefs we work to at GCSE allow our students to develop their problem-solving skills along with their creativity.


Technology at the IWEF is about building every students’ resilience, it is about allowing students to develop their designs and working knowledge at the same time. As a team we are committed to helping our students make their vision a reality.

During the teaching of Technology, students are also learning and embedding a huge range of life skills which they will be able to call upon in later life.

Technology allows students to look at all those manmade products around them analyse them, looking at ways they could develop them to fit users varying needs, this could be as simple as the ergonomics of something right up to how to we make a product more mobile.

As a team we never fail to be amazed with the creativity and imagination that goes into some of the design work. We believe there is no such thing as a failed design, just version one, two, three and this number can be infinite until a working solution is found.

The Technology team actively encourage students to push the design boundaries they might already know. We are lucky enough to have some state-of-the-art equipment and investment into the faculty, this is shown with the fantastic range of outcomes our students produce.

During the students’ time in Technology they experience sessions focusing on resistant materials, graphics communications, fashion design, computer aided design and manufacture.

Curriculum Map

Please click on the link below for the current curriculum map. 

Federated Curriculum Map Technology 2020 – 2021