Child Development


Child Development is a course that allows students to understand the development of children from conception to birth, right through to the range of stages children go through right into adolescence. It is important that we understand these stages as everyone goes through them. Many of our students in the future will go on to have a family or chose to work in a childcare setting.

The Child Development course increases life skills that will be needed by all throughout their lives.


Child Development starts at key stage 4 and carries on to key stage 5 where the students continue to develop their understanding of the physical and mental changes that take place. The course allows detailed case studies along with work experience which means our students get to experience the range of stages first-hand.

The students will work closely with each other to develop resources that can be used with children in a range of childcare settings. The students will look at the EYFS and understand the core stages and how you would identify these.

A newly implemented key stage 5 course now allows the students to continue to further develop their understanding including the work of professors in the child development field.