Careers – Information for Employers

The Careers Team

Mrs Naomi Smy – Named Careers Leader

Miss Tanya Norris – Assistant Careers Leader

The Careers Team at IWEF deliver the Careers Information, Advice and Guidance programme. We aim to enable all students to implement well informed and realistic decisions as well as successfully manage change and transition for their futures.

We offer a Careers Information, Advice and Guidance programme which is delivered through a variety of Career related activities throughout the year and in different learning styles to suit individual needs.

Please see some of the opportunities we offer that you may wish to support us with throughout the year.

Work Experience

We offer all our year 10 students 1 week’s work experience where students have the opportunity to go to a work placement and experience work for a full week. This helps students to gain first-hand knowledge of the workplace.

Work experience offers insight into an industry/job. It inspires learning towards an end career goal/path or not! It gives students a more realistic experience over the full week.  

If this is something you would be happy to support, please contact the careers team. 

Federated Y11 Information Evening for Students, Parents and Carers

We host an evening for students, parents and carers that allow them to explore the opportunities available to them post-16 and post-18. The purpose of this evening is to gain an insight into the pathways available and to have all knowledge to equip students and their carers to make informed choice of their futures. If you offer apprenticeships or can give general guidance an support around options and future career opportunities from certain sectors, then please let us know!

Inspirational Speakers for Assemblies

Speakers are invited to an assembly from various employment sectors to give an overview of their industry/organisation. This helps to motivate and open up ideas about the diversity of careers and possible career path options. 

If this is something you would be happy to support please contact the careers team. 

Employable Me Event

An interactive workshop with a selection of employers focusing on different ‘soft skills’. From this, students gain an understanding of how the different ‘soft skills’ are important and how they transfer into the workplace. If this is something you would like to support, please contact the careers team. 

Mock Interviews

Students prepare a CV and application and have a one-to-one interview. This is with someone from an organisation, business or industry who is willing to support. This is an amazing opportunity to support students with a understanding of the job application process.

If this is something you would be happy to support, please contact the careers team. 

The events listed above are a small amount of the opportunities that you could work with us on. If you would like to discuss an opportunity further or how you may be able to help our young people, then please do get in touch.