Year 7 Boys Cricket

In case you are wondering why there has not been a recent Avengers film released, it is because they have been hiding out in our year 7s.  Yesterday our Avengers took on The Island Free School in a year 7 boys cricket match.  As it was a straight knock out competition the pressure was on, especially considering they were playing away on a very narrow and uneven surface which the home side practised daily on.  However, this did not seem to impact on our Captain America (Daniel P), who after winning the toss went against the norm and elected to field first. 

Like all good captains, Daniel opened the bowling and was supported by Iron Man (Wilfie), who with his lazer precise bowling accuracy made it very difficult for the home team to get going.  As the home team began to find their way into the game, the strength and unity of the Avengers eventually took its toll on them.  With Arrow (Shai), who from an impossible angle, fired the ball in from a distance to hit the only stump he could see in order to runout the opening batsman.   With the Hulk (Lincoln) bowling perfectly to frustrate them further, the home team stuttered in building a big score.  With Thor (Charlie) bringing the hammer down behind the wicket to stop anything from going past him and Black Panther (Liam) throwing himself all over the pitch to stop anything from going past him.  Whilst contributing with consistent and well pitched bowling, the home team just couldn’t see a way past.  When Dr Strange (Jack) got in on the action bowling almost a perfect over and making some impossible stops in the field when backing up, the home team just couldn’t comprehend the magic he could produce.   When Spiderman (Max) appeared, it was pretty much time for the white flag to come out for the home team thanks again to some quality fielding and bowling. 

With 84 runs on the board, The Hulk and Captain America came out to bat and you could literally see Nick Fury (Mr Fleming) on the boundary smiling with confidence.  Daniel brought his shield out early hitting multiple quick runs and with Lincoln down the other end shouting Hulk Smash (best line ever) and the score went up quickly for the Avengers.  With the game turning ever one sided, Captain America hit boundary after boundary and as players have to retire on 25, he waited until he was on 24 to smash a 6 out of the galaxy.  With Hulk starting to strike out more and Black Panther darting between the stumps after stylish shots, the score continued to drive up.  Even once Hulk was runout, Arrow came to the crease with some big hits over the top of the fielders.  With one over left, Arrow retired to allow Dr Strange the opportunity to come and take us to the multiverse of champions. 

The Avengers eventually won with 6 wickets in hand and four overs to spare.

Well done boys, excellent performance.