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Year 11’s Final Assembly – Class of 2024

We recently said an emotional farewell to our year 11 students in their final assembly.

Staff gave speeches about how inspirational the students have all been throughout their time at Carisbrooke and how proud they are of the progress each and every student has made. Students also spoke about the staff who have played a particularly significant role in their time at Carisbrooke College. Scroll down to read the student speeches. 

Awards were presented for the final time for each subject area and each tutor group. Students also watched a video put together by staff of good luck and thanks to the students, then a second video which was a montage of images of the students’ last five years.

After shirt signing and many selfies, the students departed. We can’t wait to see them at their upcoming Prom, suited and booted and ready to celebrate their time at Carisbrooke College together.

Thank you to the staff involved in putting this final assembly together to make it a special event for the students.

Student Speeches

Our Beloved Tutor: Mrs Randall

To our beloved tutor, so kind and true.
For five years now we’ve learned so much from you.
Your wisdom and guidance have shaped us all.
Preparing us for the world outside these walls.

Your lessons were not just books and a pen.
But lifes true lessons, again and again.
You taught us patience and grace.
And helped us find our unique place.
In times of struggle you were our rock.
Guiding us through each stumbling block.

With a smile and words of encouragement.
You showed us the power of determination.
Aw we prepare to spread our wings and fly.
We carry with us a memory that will never die.

For you dear tutor will always hold a place in our hearts, in our minds, in every embrace.
So as we bid you farewell.
We thank you for your strength and power.
Your legacy will live on forever more.
In the hearts of this tutor you have helped restore.

To our beloved tutor so wise and dear.
We say thank you with love and cheer.

Mr Lyle
Thanks for being a genuine guy

Mr Fleming
The tutor with bad jokes so bold
He never failed to make a whole class roll
In fits of laughter at his own witty remark
And his love for all at St James’ Park

He cracked jokes that were cringe-worthy
But somehow worse than balamory
For his infectious laughter and playful grin
Always left us feeling happy within

Though his jokes may not have been the best
We always left his class feeling truly blessed
For his humour and kindness always shone through
And we were grateful for all that he would do

So thank you, Mr Fleming, for all the laughs
And for brightening up our sometimes dull class
Your jokes may have been bad, but your spirit was light
And we will always remember you as a delight.
We will miss you, and thank you.