Ofsted confirms “maintained momentum of improvement”

An Ofsted remote additional monitoring inspection in February 2021 has confirmed that, despite the challenges of the last year, we have maintained the momentum of improvement since the last inspection.

The recent remote inspection at Carisbrooke College was carried out on 3rd and 4th February 2021. Two inspectors, Matthew Haynes HMI and Louise Walker HMI, made the overall judgement that “Leaders and those responsible for governance are taking effective action to provide education in the current circumstances.” They also stated that Carisbrooke College has “maintained the momentum of improvement since the last inspection” and that this “demonstrates the ambition and determination to make sure pupils receive a good education despite all of the challenges over the last year.”


The inspection report letter is overwhelmingly positive and no recommendations for improvement were made at all. This demonstrates the confidence that the inspectors have in our leaders and governors that their plans for improvement are robust and that significant progress is still being made.  

The report letter highlights that we have not allowed the national lockdown to disrupt the delivery of the curriculum and teachers’ expectations have not dipped. The quality of the curriculum has been developed and we are focusing on building pupils’ knowledge in carefully sequenced ways, as well as increasing the breadth and depth of what pupils learn. The Inspectors have also commented on the determination of teachers that pupils will not lose out because of the disruption to their education over the last year. They recognised that leaders have put effective additional support in place for those who may have fallen behind in the last academic year, particularly with reading.  

Head of School, Karen Begley, said

“I am delighted that the additional monitoring inspection report letter recognises the hard work of staff and students. The last year has been incredibly challenging for everyone and I think that this report demonstrates the resilience our community has shown. To continue to improve, despite the challenges of the last year, is a huge achievement in itself.

We are all excited to get back to face to face learning now and continuing on our journey of improvement.”