8 July 2022

I had the pleasure of attending our year 11 Prom on Wednesday night. It was so nice to once again be able to hold this event. It was fantastic to be able to celebrate a very unusual five years for this amazing year group. They all looked stunning (and so very grown up!) and the array of vehicles (and a horse) used to get to the prom was brilliant. Thank you to Mrs Hookey, Mrs Lythoge and Mrs Edkins-Wherry for their hard work in making the Yacht Haven look so special. Feedback about them from the DJ and staff at the venue was very complimentary. It was lovely to have so many staff support the evening. 

Thursday year 7 students, and today, year 8 students, from both Medina and Carisbrooke College have taken part in The Federation games based at Medina College. The year 9 students will welcome Medina year 9 to Carisbrooke for a similar day on Monday. Thank you to the staff who have made this event happen. Talking to year 7 this morning, feedback was that they had really enjoyed their day.

On Wednesday I accompanied year 7 on a geography field trip to Sandown and Yaverland beaches. Well done to Mrs Harvey and Mr Westby on running it and taking the whole year group out! Year 7 did not let us down – they engaged well and were a pleasure to spend time with. It was a great opportunity for them to see the curriculum in real life and be able to associate it with the Isle of Wight

It is the year 7 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 14 July. Information has been shared with parents/carers this week and there is still time to book virtual appointments. It is an opportunity to discuss how your child has settled in and been progressing in each of their subjects this year. 

Next Thursday and Friday is work shadowing for year 10 – hopefully most are making the most of this valuable opportunity.

We are looking to welcome our new year 7 next week for transition days. On Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 July. 

Congratulations to our top achievement point winners for last week – Year 7 Kyle, Year 8 Louis (second week running!), Year 9 Charlie and Year 10 Benjamin

Message from the Executive Headteacher, Matthew Parr-Burman

As a reminder, the consultation process is open until next Friday 15 July. An update from our Governors about questions regarding Governance and a little more detail about the process so far will be shared early next week. The consultation information can be found on our website here

Have a lovely weekend, the weather is looking like it might be warm!