6th November 2020

Dear parents and carers,

I have really enjoyed meeting all students in assemblies this week. The focus in the assemblies has been on three key areas that I think are really important: Uniform, Attendance and Behaviour for Learning.

On the whole, the uniform is really good. We have a small minority who could be smarter by tucking in their shirts and wearing their ties correctly. I have said that for those who persistently have poorly tied ties I will replace them with clip on ones. Attendance is better in some year groups than others. We have a minimum expectation of 95%. The rewards reset every half term so students are able to be entered for the 100% draw at the end of the half term regardless of their previous attendance. This week I have been visiting lessons and I have been very impressed with the engagement and work ethic of the majority of our students.

As you will be aware the regulations around Face Coverings in schools have changed. Students and staff need to wear their face coverings at all times unless they are: outside, in lessons and eating. You will have received a letter yesterday about this and there is further guidance in the newsletter.

Some exciting news – Carisbrooke College is one of four finalists in the “My Best School Trip Award” for their trip to China last November. The award recognises educational visits that give children a rich and rewarding experience. The winner will be revealed in May next year.

All Year 7 students have been taken part in an interactive STEM workshop; this was an opportunity to introduce them to careers in a practical way but linking with STEM. The buoyancy workshop was fun, hands-on and was aimed at teaching more about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) around Marine real-life scenarios and careers.

Well done to the top reward point achievers in the last week of last half term: Year 7 Neve McIntosh, Year 8 Kiera Allan, Year 9 joint winners Sunday Best and Danica Millard, Year 10 Perry Gilbert and Year 11 Callum Jupe.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Begley