25th September 2020

Dear students, parents and carers,

I have been in school every day this  week and have managed to get into most  assemblies and  introduce myself  to  students. I have been impressed with  their behaviour and attitudes  at lunch  time and it has been nice getting to chat  to some of them. I will be returning on Monday 28th September full time and would like to thank Miss Jones for stepping up in my absence. 

With the colder wet  weather, it  is  important that students have coats to  wear to keep them dry and warm. A little  reminder – coats are still not permitted to  be worn in the school building.

Last year, the school’s Student Council  agreed that they wanted to do something  to help fight climate change and reduce  the school’s carbon footprint. They came  up with a plan to plant 120 trees at the  start of the school year for the next five years. Each year, the new Year 7 students will learn about the importance of planting more trees in the world and the total number of trees planted will  eventually represent the 600 children in  the school’s population.

I am pleased to let you know that the  planting of the first 120 silver birch trees  has started at the front of the school to  form “Carisbrooke Copse.”

Well  done  to  the  top  house  point  achievers for over the last two weeks:

Year 7 Destiny Charlton
Year 8 Efia Elliott
Year 9 Mackenzie Winslow
Year 10 Jessica Starkey
Year 11 Callum Jupe

Hope you have a lovely weekend; the  weather is looking promising!

Miss Begley