13th November 2020

Dear parents and carers,

I am not sure where this week has gone! On Tuesday, we had a virtual Ofsted visit. Ofsted has been commissioned to carry out research by the Department of Education looking at local contexts regarding COVID-19 and the barriers that schools have faced, and may still be facing, in managing the return to full education for all their students. They focused on curriculum delivery with an emphasis on years 7 and 11, and in particular in maths, English, science and music. They wanted to know how students are settling back into expected routines and behaviour, including regular attendance and on how we have implemented safeguarding arrangements during school closures and currently. I should receive a letter, within the next six weeks, which will summarise briefly the discussions inspectors had with leaders. This is to provide parents with information about what leaders are doing to help students back into full-time education.

I have enjoyed visiting lots of lessons across the year groups this week and I continue to be impressed with the engagement and work ethic of the majority of our students. Year 11 really need to make the most of their time in school and make sure they do their best in terms of coursework and internal assessments.

There have been some colourful and interesting face coverings in school this week. The response in complying with government guidance by our students has been excellent. I want to thank you for your support in ensuring your child wears a face covering. Wearing a face covering greatly reduces the risk of transmission and therefore helps in saving lives and protecting those around you. I like the NHS poster with the slogan ‘I wear this to protect you, please wear yours to protect me.’ Students and staff need to wear their face coverings at all times unless they are: – outside – in lessons – eating.

Well done to the top reward point achievers in the last week of last half term: Year 7 Molly- Nora Harwood, Year 8 Megan Abrey, Year 9 – joint winners Oliver Bunday & Jude Millar, Year 10 Millie Bishop and Year 11 Macgowan Dickinson.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Begley