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Goodbye Miss Yao

Once again, sad times are upon us. Unfortunately, it’s now time for the wonderful Miss Yao to return to China.

Whether she has been tirelessly assisting in lessons, energising China club or just bringing a little colour to the school with her traditional Chinese dresses, Miss Yao has spent the year helping students in years 9, 10 and 11 to make great progress in their writing and improve their pronunciation immeasurably as well.

Mr Briscoe, Chinese teacher, said: “In class we’ve all greatly enjoyed her input and have learned a lot, but Miss Yao has proved once again that while students have benefited greatly from her work in lessons, it is also the experience of interacting with a person from so far away and forming a relationship with them over the course of a year that will truly stay with them.

“I’m sure we will all want to stay in touch with Miss Yao and, if she is available, she is very welcome to meet up with us in China during the school trip next year!”

Miss Yao has recorded a brief farewell video message: