Student raises over £2000 for the Carisbrooke College Mental Health and Wellbeing Room!

Before the world was hit by COVID-19, Mrs Hookey and Mrs Peake had planned to hold a charity run to raise funds for a Mental Health and Wellbeing Room here at Carisbrooke College. However, this could not take place due to the restrictions put in place.

In light of this cancellation and knowing that this would prevent the progress of creating the Mental Health and Wellbeing Room, Macie took it upon herself to undertake her own fundraising activities. Macie has completed a garage sale where she raised £407 and, most recently, has undertaken a raffle where she raised £1665, resulting in a grand total raised of £2076 pounds.

At Carisbrooke College, we pride ourselves on being able to support our students to overcome the challenges that they face in life. Unfortunately, prior to the pandemic 10% of children and young people aged 5-16 suffer from a diagnosed mental health disorder, and it is anticipated that this has increased significantly as a result of the current pandemic and living in lockdown. As a result of this, there is a significant need for schools to be able to support young people whilst they try and overcome their difficulties. At the present time, there is not designated space available for this to occur, however it is hoped that by raising funds, we will be able to equip a room in school to be the main Mental Health and Wellbeing Room- an area to allow our young people to access Mental Health First Aid trained staff, in a timely manner, in a space in which they feel safe and are safe.

Macie’s efforts to support this cause are nothing short of amazing, and truly reflects the kind and caring young lady she is.

Macie, I speak for the whole school when I say Thank you very much for your efforts in raising funds for the Mental Health and Wellbeing Room here at Carisbrooke. Please know that your efforts will go a long way to ensuring that a lot of students are able to access a calming environment in their times of need.

Mrs Hookey

Head of Year