Cyber-bullying Ambassador Training #GoFISH

#GoFISH – Go Find Internet Safety Help

12 Year 10 students from across the Isle of Wight Education Federation have now undertaken the #GoFISH Cyber-bullying Ambassador training with Hampshire Constabulary. 

The aim of the GoFISH project is to skill-up a small number of students in education settings on key online safety issues. These informed students then pass on their learning and offer helpful support to their peers, promoting good digital citizenship and civility.

Skills and benefits that the project will deliver include: 

Teamwork and coordination
Planning, organising and presentation
Digital civility and citizenship
Resilience and self-regulation
Factual information and digital literacy
Empathy, compassion and positive mental health

Due to COVID-19, the training is currently delivered online. We would like to thank Bekki Dunn at Hampshire Constabulary for running a great session for our students. They have some fantastic ideas for ways to spread their new skills and knowledge within our school communities. We will share updates as the students progress as new Cyber-bullying Ambassadors!